Hybrid and EV’s

The Future…

There can be a lot of confusion with all of the new technology that is currently coming through in the motor industry lately so here is a brief summary of what exactly Hybrid and EV’s are and how they work.

Full Hybrid: This type of vehicle can be driven using electric (battery power) in full “E” mode, petrol (engine) or the vast majority of the time a combination of the two.

Mild Hybrid: This type of vehicle has  batteries and a petrol engine but cannot be driven on batteries alone, it uses the battery power as assistance and this therefore reduces emissions.

Plug-in Hybrid known as PHEV: These vehicles have batteries and a petrol engine but the big difference is that it has an external charging point so you can charge the batteries from your home and run on just battery power for some of your journey. This is usually around 20-30 miles as the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is currently the best known for this. By having this facility it improves the chances of driving into some of the larger cities with the Zero emission zones.

EV: This is a fully electric vehicle. It has no engine and it solely powered by batteries. These require charging either at home or one of the increasingly supplied fast charging points that you will now find in most motorway service stations and some car parks. The battery sizes vary on these and therefore the range varies from vehicle to vehicle. For example the Nissan Leaf 40kwh achieves approximately 150 miles to a charge.

Here at Spurling & Remblance Ltd we are committed to progressing and as a company and investing in the future. We are already an IMI qualified repair centre for Electric and plug-in Hybrid vehicles so can accomodate your needs whether your vehicle is old or new.IMG_5389